12 Days of SoTL: Day 07

Participant Selection Participant selection can be a tricky issue particularly when we are undertaking an education inquiry with our own students. There is a variety of sampling techniques (probability and non-probability sampling methods) we can refer to: Cluster Sampling Snowball Sampling Convenience Sampling etc Convenience sampling is most likely to be your easiest and most […]

12 Days of SoTL: Day 04

Day 4: Theory A theory, Blumer once noted, is always a theory of something. But it is also always a theory for someone. Fine, G. A., & Tavory, I. (2019). Interactionism in the Twenty‐First Century: A Letter on Being‐in‐a‐Meaningful‐World. Symbolic Interaction, 42(3), 457–467. https://doi.org/10.1002/symb.430 Theories are used as a frame of reference. Exploring issues related to learning […]